Call of Duty: WWII


Game Systems Design

Tasks: Scripting, concept and system design

While I can't share specific details about the multiplayer systems for CoD: WWII, as they are strictly confidential, I can go over my general contributions to the project. On a day to day basis, I was involved in implementing designs from our lead designers using our proprietary scripting language and level design tools. A big part of my work involved collaborating with many artists, engineers, and other designers in order to create and refine gameplay mechanics, combat encounters, and cinematic sequences. Working on such a high-level project honed my design sense; the attention to detail required to reach the quality bar that the studio set was incredible and I was constantly iterating on my designs to maximize the fun in any given experience. As I said, I can't show anything from the multiplayer experience just yet, but here's a video example of some systems from a previous Sledgehammer title, Advanced Warfare.