Hello internet! My name is Christian Paz. I've been designing and building games for as long as I can remember. I've always been hugely into first-person shooters, from sleepovers with buddies and GoldenEye 64, to leading my own clan in the Killzone series and everything in-between. Now I'm making it my mission to push the genre forward in new and exciting directions. Through my extensive background in playing multiplayer FPS games, I'm able to analyze positive design elements in previous games and apply this deep pool of knowledge to crafting smart new designs. My passion and attention to detail allows me to create incredibly exciting shooter experiences that encourage innovation and adaptation from players. 

Outside of games, I really enjoy following and predicting the latest trends in music and technology, along with reading and watching science fiction books and movies. If you'd like to see content relating to these things, along with games, you should check out my blog.