Currently Working On: 


working title

"Working Title" (2014, PC) is an asymmetrical, horror multiplayer FPS where three players play a game of cat and mouse with a powerful fourth player.

Commercial Games: 


Spark Rising (2014, PC) is a sandbox FPS where you conquer worlds and do the unthinkable: Take down a mad god and his endless army that is tearing the galaxy asunder. Featured at The MIX 2014.

Super comboman banner

Super Comboman (2014, PC) is a colorful beat-em-up with wacky characters and fast-paced combat based in a destructible sticker world. Published by Adult Swim Games. 



Smaller Games/Demos: 


Cretaceous Banner

Cretaceous (2012, PC/Mac) is a Minecraft mod that introduces a new dimension to the game that includes new weapons and dinosaurs.

Retro Rising Rampage banner

Retro Rising Rampage (2013, PC) is a retro-themed arcade FPS. Featuring characters and environments inspired by games such as Mega Man, Tetris, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros.

Space cop banner

Space Cop (2013, PC/Mac) is a humorous first-person adventure  game set on board a futuristic hotel... in space. Created as a Digital Arts senior project and earned the highest grade in the class.