Cretaceous Dimension

Tasks: World generation scripting, enemy AI scripting, weapon creation, art assets, animations

Cretaceous was my first self-driven digital game project. I had no knowledge of Java before the project, but I wanted to learn the language and by the end of my 6 month development, I had familiarized myself with the language. Cretaceous was ambitious - I wanted to add an entirely new dimension to Minecraft, apart from the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Doing this ended up being fairly complex, requiring me to understand Minecraft's "chunk-by-chunk" procedural generation system in order to customize the look and gameplay of my new dimension. I ended up writing over 80 new scripts to include all of the additional content in the mod, which included 8 new enemies, 6 weapons, and 2 new resource types. Animations were also particularly difficult. I had to hand-code each and every joint's angle and velocity because there was no way to import models and rigs from an existing 3D arts package.