Space Cop


Nexus Lounge

Tasks: Concept, level layout, art assets, event scripting, dialogue scripting, animations, puzzle design

Space Cop's demo level takes place in the lounge of the Nexus hotel. I was responsible for the overall concept of the level and mapping out the general layout. I modeled and textured most of the geometry, in addition to the lighting. The majority of my time spent on the project was designing and fine-tuning our puzzles. The puzzles in this first-person adventure game were meant to encourage lateral, unconventional thinking through humorous elements. For instance, the player had to figure out that a mop could be used as a wig in order to enter the female restroom. The strange nature of these puzzles meant that players would sometimes grow frustrated in trying to reach the solution and an acceptable difficulty curve was reached only through tweaking environmental and auditory cues after many hours of playtesting. All trigger events and animations were scripted by me, as well as our dialogue system.