Artist of the Week – PHASES


 I'm hoping to make this a weekly segment featuring artists that are either not well known, or just known artists that have had a major release recently. This week's artist, PHASES, falls into the former category.

Coming in hot from sunny Los Angeles, PHASES signed with Warner Bros. Records this year and have released three songs, which you can listen to on their soundcloud, linked below.

These tracks are delightful summery fun with carefree attitude, perfect for driving down the coast of Highway 1 in your convertible. Back to reality, Christian, stop daydreaming. Sorry - but the production is fantastic on all of these tracks. In particular, the bouncy, synthy bass lines release an airborne virus that travels via radio waves, then implants itself in your nerve cells, causing incessant foot tapping. Weird, huh?

The band has a penchant for strong, clear lyrics and can write a mean hook, as evidenced by the rising popularity of their song, "I'm in love with my life". Several more established alternative groups, such as Big Data and Dale Earnhardt  Jr Jr, have already remixed this tune. Look for big things to come out of them in the future!



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