Artist of the Week: Anderson .Paak


Tuesdays are the worst, but hopefully they'll be slightly less the worst after you hear the artist I've got for you. I've been hearing buzz about this guy for a while now, but I made the horrendous mistake of sleeping on him for far too long. Don't make the same error and give Anderson .Paak a listen.  Hailing from Los Angeles, Anderson .Paak is a versatile vocalist that began his career under the moniker of Breezy Lovejoy. He was recently heavily featured on Dr. Dre's album Compton, but I can't find good versions of those songs on YouTube. I suggest checking out "Animals" off of that album. Otherwise, you can listen to a stylistically similar song which supposedly introduced him to Dr. Dre, "Suede": 



As you heard in "Suede", Anderson .Paak's finds himself at home laying down smooth bars over classic-sounding beats. However, .Paak is a musical chameleon and can shift between genre's just as easily. His raspy, yet melodic voice sounds great over funky, dance-able beats, such as the trance-rap tune of "Luh You":



know you're sweaty as hell after dancing your face off to that tune, but try to focus and listen to one more song. I highly recommend listening to the entirety of his album Venice, the first under the .Paak name. There's a lot of different sub-genres going on in the album, from everything in between groovy funk to bass-heavy trap. For this last song, I'm going to show off an example from the latter category. Put your drink down, get your hands in the air, and bump the nightclub banger "Drugs":



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