Artist of the week: Great Good Fine Ok


Happy Friday folks! If you were to ask me how my week progresses from Monday to Thursday, it would be exactly the opposite of the name of this week's artist: Ok, fine, good, great! And since it's Friday, my day is fantastic, thank you very much for asking. Onto the music! Great Good Fine Ok (GGFO), is a Brooklyn group that plays music. What you want to categorize their music as is up for debate, but most people lump them into the amoebic mass of alt-pop prefixes that include dream-pop, synth-pop, electro-pop and such. Without wallowing in musical pedantry, they sound like Passion Pit, if an alternate universe conceived of Passion Pit in the 80's. Enough prattle though, you just want to listen to music! Check out my personal favorite of theirs, "Not Going Home":



The infectious bounciness of "Not Going Home" is a good example for why GGFO rises above their eukaryotic peers - they're not doing anything terribly innovative, but they are doing it better than almost everyone else. Singer Jon Sandler's impressive voice is what truly sets GGFO apart from the pack. His range is incredible and he manages to maintain clarity and composure during emotional peaks in his melodies. The EDM group The Chainsmokers recognized his talent and brought Great Good Fine Ok to collaborate on a song that showcases his vocal ability. The song isn't that special aside from Sandler's voice, but the accompanying music video is actually quite entertaining:



Unexpected ending, no? Anyways, I've seen GGFO live and the most surprising thing is that Jon Sandler's voice sounds just as good, if not better, in a live setting. No studio touch-ups going on around here, these guys are the real deal. I'll also throw in the fact that these guys really play up their 80's inspired pop roots with some fantastic retro-inspired costumes that are a delight to experience in person. I've been trying to fit in this article about them because GGFO released a single in October that is just wonderful, pure and simple. This one will leave you with a good taste in your mouth to wrap up Friday! Enjoy "Take It or Leave It":



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