Artist of the Week: K.Flay

Happy Friday everyone! This week's artist is K.Flay, a diverse artist with roots in hip hop and a killer voice. She's a Bay Area mainstay, having gotten her bachelor's at Stanford, where she doubled majored in psychology and sociology. Aside from being wicked smaht,  she bounces and bends genres, ranging from chill, trap-inspired rap ballads, to singing the hooks on club bangers. For an excellent example of the former case, see her song "Make Me Fade", posted below:



Her voice makes her instantly distinguishable; a laconic drawl which feels like sandpaper coated in molasses. Her wry sense of humor and laid-back delivery make for a potent combination for her rapping style, but even when she is belting out hooks, her unique vibe transforms the song. Listen to the song that I first discovered K.Flay on, and try to imagine anybody else singing. I certainly can't.



Besides her distinct persona and voice, K.Flay deserves credit for doing her own thing. Choosing to produce hip-hop music while being a skinny white girl takes a lot of guts and shows she isn't afraid to cut against the grain. On top of that, she produces her music completely independently after trying to work with a label didn't pan out. As a true indie artist, I'm rooting for K.Flay to make it big and show off her awesome talent to the mainstream. She is featured on a Louis the Child song (another great artist I was made aware of by my little bro) that will be on the upcoming FIFA 16 soundtrack! Show some love to her and check it out:


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