Artist of the Week: Oh Wonder

¡Feliz Viernes! Oh my, where to start with Oh Wonder? I'll probably just get it out of the way and say that they're prooobably my favorite discovery of the year, so I apologize if I gush a little bit. Consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West as a singer/songwriting duo team, Oh Wonder is all about the slow, soft, passionate love that leaks out of this romantic musical couple. "Leaks" is probably a misnomer - their debut album, which released last week, is positively flooding with sexual energy. Words don't do it quite enough justice, so just listen to the track "All We Do" to see what I'm talking about:


I don't even have panties, but my panties have somehow removed themselves automatically. Gucht and West intertwine vocal harmonies in a way that reminds me of Of Monsters and Men. Of course, their sound is softer and more minimalist than the aforementioned band's stadium-filling folk, but Oh Wonder's music is equally adept at evoking powerful emotions. Another track, "Midnight Moon", introduces a more powerful chorus and upbeat tempo, while keeping the same soft guitar and piano melodies that build the foundation for Oh Wonder's music.



Whew, I'm sweating now. I'm predicting this album to be the number one cause of fogged car windows everywhere this winter. Their debut tour has sold out almost everywhere, but if you're lucky enough to live in NYC or LA, you might be able to snag a ticket off of Stubhub. The reason for the hype? This album was released in a very unique manner - the duo released one song per month, starting way back in winter of last year. As you can tell thus far, Oh Wonder's debut is very consistent, but not lacking in variety. Gucht and West aren't afraid to integrate electronic elements into their sexy folk/R&B formula, as you can hear in the track "Livewire". With this last track I'll leave you to download this album, light some candles, and enjoy the weekend 😉

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