Artist of the Week: Still Parade

Schönen Freitag! Our musical journey takes us to Germany this week, where Niklas Kramer has released new music under his project, Still Parade. Kramer's project nestles firmly within the confines of alternative rock, combining complex guitar melodies with Kramer's own breathy vocals. More so than the vocals, which are passable, Still Parade's strength lies in the incredibly atmospheric production. Listening to the track "Actors", Kramer seems to have an innate sense of how to perfectly craft a sense of wonder, whether through long, wistful notes in the background, or a deftly timed melodic switch from his guitar:


I lied in my intro. Still Parade released a new single back at the beginning of December, but I've been dying to write about it, so I'm just going to pretend it was super recent! Anyways, I'm in love with this song, titled "07:41", which happens to NOT be the length of the track. How hip. The song marks a noted transition in Still Parade's style, going from atmospheric alt rock and delving more into psychedelic grooviness. I would draw strong comparisons to Tame Impala's earlier work, with driving bass behind the scenes, delectably springy drums, and heavily processed guitar. I definitely could listen to an entire album of this:



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