Artist of the week: Tall Heights

Happy New Year and happy Friday! I'm back once again with a new artist this week, hopefully on a consistent basis for the rest of 2016. This week, I've got an exceptional folk duo named Tall Heights. Sprouting into existence from Boston, Tim Harrington (guitar) and Paul Wright (cello), have been creating music since 2011.  Their style generally involves an atmospheric, at times melodic cello, backed by a rhythm guitar base. The songs are mostly driven by the incredible chemistry in the vocal harmonies, between Harrington and Wright. Listen to "To Be Young" and stand back in awe as their voices perfectly compliment each other at the key emotional points in the song:


Tall Heights just released a critically acclaimed album in October, which I highly recommend listening to in its entirety. Their music has not greatly evolved from their established style, but they seem to be moving to a larger, fuller sound. They have added percussion elements into some of their songs, freeing up the Harrington's guitar to explore different sounds instead of being the rhythm base. At the same time, the music on their latest effort still manages to feel intensely intimate, even if the fuller sound can give it a grander sensation at times. It's a hard balance to describe, so listen to what I'm talking about in their single, "Spirit Cold":



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